Monday, June 21, 2010

Sewing Plans 2010

So I have quite a list of craft projects I would like to do. You can click on the project to see where my inspiration came from. In listing these ideas here I hope to be more movtivated to do the projects. wink

Quilts for kids
LOTS of Curtains
Banner for boys room
Christmas Stockings (I am half way done on with this one!)
Superhero capes for the kids
Throw pillows for couches, stripe pillow, pleated pillow and a flower pillow
Apron for me and A
Felt cake to display on cake stand
Baby shoes (I made a pair for a friend which turned out darling. Now I need to make some for my little guy.)
Dresses and skirts for A
Birthday banner (I made one for a friend now I just need to make one for my family.)

1 comment:

House of Smith's said...

Woah girl! You have a lot of sewing going on! Good luck. LOL
This list would take me all year. haha.

ps. I totally know what you're talking about with all different Walmarts carrying different things! What's up with that??? So frustrating.
I feel like Target is the same way.