Saturday, August 13, 2011

Decor Ideas

Headboard made from an old door for Master Bedroom. I found a good tutorial at Sweet Nothings.

I am also stronly leaning towards the farmhouse bed at

or a old fashion metal headboard in oil rubbed bronze.
Check out how the Lettered Cottage saved money on the one they did.

Kids Art Display at Posh Pieces blog.

Display board at Two Crafty House Wives
I love the uses for this, stocking hanger then decor hanger. I have clear glass knobs to use, I just need to figure out how to attach them.

A storage shelf like this over at House of Smith's.
It is an awesome  blog I stumbled upon a year ago. I love her design ideas and projects.
She is a thrift shopper to boot!

I would really like to put a shelf up like this in the bathroom and my daughter's room.
I also have three old windows to refinish.

I am so intrigued by the beautiful things people are making from thrift store finds. My decor desperately needs a facelift. I am inspired by the projects on so many different blogs.

A bunting we will go . . .

I love the buntings I have seen all over blogs. I have made a few and have plans to make MANY more.

I have even made cake buntings.
What you don't know what that is?
I was introduced to them by Leigh Anne at yourhomebasedmom.

I think it is so cute I had to make one.
This is the one I made for the Relief Society Birthday Party.  

Simple Instructions:
I cut the triangles using this tutorial.
I doubled up the fabric.
Then used a crochet floss to hand sew the flags together.
I tied it onto bamboo skewers.
An adorable cake topper!

I made a large one for my friend's nursery.

I cut the triangles, two for each.
Then zig zagged around the two long sides in brown thread.
For the letters I ironed on wonder under to brown fabric then cut the letters out using a template.
I ironed the letters on each triangle.
To finish it, I sewed the triangles between store bought cream binding.

I am in love with them. I am going to make a cherry bunting to hang on my kitchen windows.
Happy bunting making!