Saturday, August 13, 2011

A bunting we will go . . .

I love the buntings I have seen all over blogs. I have made a few and have plans to make MANY more.

I have even made cake buntings.
What you don't know what that is?
I was introduced to them by Leigh Anne at yourhomebasedmom.

I think it is so cute I had to make one.
This is the one I made for the Relief Society Birthday Party.  

Simple Instructions:
I cut the triangles using this tutorial.
I doubled up the fabric.
Then used a crochet floss to hand sew the flags together.
I tied it onto bamboo skewers.
An adorable cake topper!

I made a large one for my friend's nursery.

I cut the triangles, two for each.
Then zig zagged around the two long sides in brown thread.
For the letters I ironed on wonder under to brown fabric then cut the letters out using a template.
I ironed the letters on each triangle.
To finish it, I sewed the triangles between store bought cream binding.

I am in love with them. I am going to make a cherry bunting to hang on my kitchen windows.
Happy bunting making!

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