Friday, June 25, 2010

Baby Shoes

I finally did it! Okay I made them back in December but I am finally blogging about them. I made adorable baby shoes for my friend Heather's baby. I used stardust baby shoe pattern. I also really liked this pattern and directions from Here is another set of directions that might help with changing the size.

The picture was taken in the back of my van on my way to mail them.

Making the shoes: I didn't use interfacing on the shoes. (Too much work.) I used brown corduroy for the outside and pink broadcloth for the inside. The directions were easy to follow so there wasn't any confusion on how to sew the shoes together. The little curves were tough to sew, but I felt so proud when I was finished. I cut flowers out of pink felt using my Bigshot and a Sizzix flower die. Then I hand sewed them on, topping it off with a cute button. It was hard to part with these cuties, being pregnant with a little boy easied the parting! Plus I knew how to make them for my next little girl. I am excited to make a few pair for my little guy. Happy sewing!

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House of Smith's said...

are you KIDDING ME? You made SHOES... okay... stop. that is SO beyond where I'll EVER be in life, sewing skill wise. LOL.

Nice work!