Thursday, January 31, 2008

Paper Crimper

Okay Heather, I NEED a paper crimper.
These are too cool. I am so glad to find more ways to use one.
I got this picture from kwernerdesign, she has a tutorial on how to make them! Vahoo!

The previous two pictures are from splitcoaststampers. This was their weekly tutorial plus challenge, they are called sour cream containers. LIGHTBULB I just got it! They look like the personal size containers of sour cream. LOL. I call them paper candy bags. Too cute I am gonna have to make some for Valentines Day. If you don't have a paper crimper I saw some people use staples not as asthetically pleasing but the same shape is acheived. (Like my big words?) Enjoy!


Ohio Rasmussens said...

Ahhh haaa!! I found you...and your crafty side!! Very cool! By the way, JoAnne's has paper crimpers (that is where I got mine) and you can use the 40% off coupons which makes it very reasonable. I use my a lot...and the kids love to make things with it too! I am curious to see all the other things you come up with too! ;)

Rob & Amy said...

I love the sour cream containers. I actually made some for treat bags about 6 years ago when my sis and I took a class at a local scrapbook store. I had completely forgotten about them!

Also, what kind of paper crimper are we talking about? I have one that you run paper through and it "crimps" the paper making it raised and lowered, alternating. Does this one actually seal the paper shut?

Way to go on keeping up with your crafty posts! I think I'll link you to my blog to keep checking on you!

Carly Jane said...

I love the paper crimped bookmarks!! So cute.

Rob & Amy said...

I came looking for your newest digital creation!

Camille said...

I love splitcoaststampers! It's one of my favorite websites!